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Enjoy a 1 hour flight in the local area behind the controls with an experienced instructor pilot! It’s an adventure you’ll never forget! Only $149.99 hr/wet for up to 3 people. Call (707) 374-0081, or click on the link below to request a date and time for a flight. (be sure to schedule one week in advance).

IMG_1836Enjoy the scenic views over the San Francisco Bay!




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2 thoughts on “Discovery Flights

  1. Ira was my instructor when I learned to fly back in the early 90’s. Soloed in 20 and got my ticket in 40. Great instructor. Tell him I said “Hi”

    Gary Baxter

  2. My husband and I are looking into a flight program for my daughter. She is in a senior in high school. If she were to start a ground school and flight program how long would it take for her to receive a license and how much of the investment we are expected to make? Thank you!!!!

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