Archer III – Online Test

February 20th 2018

Welcome to the Travis Aero Club Archer III Test!



1) What is the usable fuel capacity of the aircraft?

2) What is the design maneuvering speed (Va) in KIAS with a gross weight of 2200 lbs?

3) If the engine does not fire within _____ seconds, disengage the starter, prime the engine and repeat the starting procedure.

4) What type of descent should normally be conducted in the Archer III? i.e.. airspeed and RPM

5) What is the distance required to clear a 50 foot obstacle with the following data? (2240 lbs, Flaps: 25°, Temp: 17°C, Pressure Altitude: 5,500 ft., Headwind: 8 kts.)

6) What is endurance of the aircraft with the following data? (Max gross weight, 45 minute reserve, Pressure Altitude: 6,500 ft., Power: 65%, Mixture: Best Economy)

7) When the aircraft is fueled to the bottom of the indicator tab, there should be approximately 32 gal. of usable fuel.

8) When should the electric fuel pump should be on?

9) This aircraft is equipped with ______ volt electrical system, which includes a _____ volt battery for starting and to back up the alternator output.

10) The maximum capacity of the baggage area is _____ pounds.

11) The air conditioning system is a recirculation air system. The major components are an evaporator, condenser, compressor, switches, temperature controls and _______.

12) If the air conditioning system is not operating within _____ minutes, turn the system OFF until the fault is corrected.

13) Using the air conditioner causes a ______ decrease in airspeed and as much as _____ decrease in range

14) The function of the split comm button on the GMA 340 audio panel is to allow the pilot to transmit on comm 1 and allow the co-pilot to transmit on comm. 2.

15) VFR flight is permitted with the MFD inoperative as long as it is cleared by maintenance.

16) What procedures should be followed with a complete failure of the Attitude, Airspeed, and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS)?

17) Any time the bus voltage is below ____ vdc, the low bus voltage annunciator will be illuminated.

18) Starter manufacturer recommends that the starter cranking period be limited to 30 seconds with ____ minute rest period between cranking periods.

19) The standby attitude indicator will operate for approximately 30 minutes on the internal battery, depending on the battery condition at the time of power failure.

20) You can press and hold the VLOC flip-flop key to select the emergency channel (121.500 MHz).

21) When you receive a DEGRADED ACCURACY message on the GNS 430 GPS, you should:

22) Using the trim switch on the control wheel while the pitch axis of the autopilot is engaged disconnects the autopilot.

23) You receive a flashing “VS” annunciation on the System 55X Autopilot, what should you do?

24) How would you disconnect the System 55X Autopilot?

25) During an in-flight loss of main DC power, what are the procedures to activate the standby electric attitude indicator?

26) Where would the ILS/LOC bugs be displayed on the PFD when you have an ILS/LOC approach frequency selected in the NAV section of the PFD?

27) How long will it be before the NAV and HDG Bug button are re-enabled after you have last pushed or rotated the knobs and buttons on the PFD?

28) To switch between Nav Source on the NAV, BEARING, and AUX section buttons on the PFD you would press either one of those buttons until the appropriate Nav Source is displayed on the HSI.

29) To change the HDG Bug, VSI Bug, or BARO SET, you would press one of those buttons and turn the bug with the left knob.

30) To set the ALT Bug to 10,500 feet you would:

31) When are you allowed to taxi?

32) Which items would you use on the PFD to fly a constant rate turn?

33) How do you activate the GPS Roll Steering Mode (GPSS Mode)?

34) How would you use the Altitude Capture Mode on the PFD and the autopilot?

35) Which one is NOT an Invalid Sensor or Error Condition?

36) When you receive a “CROSSCHCK ATTITUDE” alert display, what should you do?

37) When a recoverable attitude data failure occurs, what should you NOT do?

38) When engine data becomes unavailable, what should you do?

39) How would you adjust the range on the “Map” page?

40) Where would you find your engine information on the “Map” page?

41) Where would you find your trip information on the “Map” page?

42) What are the errors displayed on the “Map” page?

43) Which is NOT a setting on the Dedicated Traffic Page?

44) Which page would you find your destination weather and destination airport information on the MFD?

45) Which page would you find METARS and TAFS from airports along your route?

46) Which page would you go to change the GPS Nav Source?

47) Fuel quantity to the “Tabs” on an Archer is 34 gal. On the Initial Usable Fuel Page on the MFD, how would you set the fuel to 34 gal?

48) How would you lean the aircraft to “Best Economy” using the “Lean Assist?”

49) How would you lean the aircraft to “Best Power” using the “Lean Assist?”

50) Which display will show the current EGT temperatures at a zero point?

Archer III - Open Book Test (Online) completed on  February 20th 2018